Infant and Toddler Program

Welcome to our Infant and Toddler Program!

We offer all infants and toddlers the opportunity to grow and learn in a warm and caring environment. Here at Children’s Village we take your child’s health very seriously and that is why we have implemented a “No shoe” policy. There are no shoes worn into the infant or toddler rooms so that your child can explore and play on the floor while you have the peace of mind knowing that it is a clean safe place for them to be. We provide all parents with clean booties to wear over your shoes so that you can still enter the room with ease but help us maintain a clean, healthy environment for your child. The infants and toddlers enjoy their own private playground, which is equipped with the highest quality synthetic grass to provide a cushiony place to land for those we are still unsteady on their feet, and a safe place to play for those of us who are just learning to crawl!


At Children’s Village we respect you as the parent and will follow the schedule you
have put in place,to serve the individual needs of your child. Each day you will receive a daily chart that will tell you about vital events that occurred throughout the day.This chart will include details about mealtimes, nap times, tummy time, outside play, and diaper changes.


We understand that toddlers are learning and discovering new things each day. This is why we provide your child with ample space to explore and learn. We facilitate play through sensory activities, dramatic play, fine motor activities, cognitive thinking, and plenty of gross motor! The toddlers have access to their own deck area to enjoy while creating art masterpieces, playing in the discovery tables, or just to enjoy eating a snack outside on the picnic tables. You will receive a daily chart to keep you informed on how your child ate and slept, when their diaper was changed, and what activities they had enjoyed throughout the day.