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Meeting the needs of all learners is an essential principle in supporting capable and competent learners. We recognize the uniqueness of each child’s basic and educational needs. Respecting the family and culture of each child as the foundation of learning is crucial to healthy growth and development.

Early learning environments that support young learners provide opportunities for authentic engagement. Our classrooms follow an emergent curriculum, in which the classroom acts as the third teacher. Like the actual teachers, the environment facilitates and supports children as they independently move about the environment and make their own learning choices.

The collaboration between families and school would be incomplete without the support of our community. Resources available in the community include medical, social and educational opportunities to meet the needs of families.

At Children’s Village we provide early learning experiences and support children to...

Open Ended Materials And Activities Are Provided So Children Can Practice Skills And Concepts That Promote Creativity.

Opportunities Are Provided For Children To Be Able To Adapt To Different Ideas, Experiences And Environments Both In The Classroom And In The Community.

Children Are Engaged In Purposeful Play And As A Result Are Able To Set Goals And Celebrate Accomplishments In Learning While Reflecting On Their Own Process.

Early learning experiences will support children to:

  • Develop gross motor skills – Walk and run on various surfaces. Walk up and down stairs alternating feet on steps with railing held.
  • Develop fine motor skills – Use common tools that require hand-eye coordination with precision.
  • Aquire adaptive skills.

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